Chapter 1

The lead up to the completion of the first chapter of my book was extended and allowed for nearly every detail to be well thought out in advance of my actually writing it. I had spent countless hours lying awake in bed in constant thought regarding the opening chapter of what I hope will be my greatest work.

The chapter was quite literally a year in the making. I came up with the name of the main protagonist and made the choice to base him loosely off of myself in early 2012. It came after writing the first eight chapters of a story that I could not pursue fully because doing so would have forced me to make the choice between writing and school.

As far as the chapter is concerned, it simply serves as an introduction to three of the five main characters of the story. Two of these characters borrow the names of two interesting people in my life, Sydney and Mercedes. I thank you both for lending out your names to an aspiring writer!

Lastly, I aim to reveal a small bit about the relationship between the main character and the woman in his life that predates the start of the novel. You’ll just have to keep coming back in order to learn more about the characters and who they are!

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