The toughest yet

I recently completed the fourth chapter of my book, and it was the most difficult of the four chapters already written because this chapter sets the pathway for the rest of the story to follow.

The private investigator encounters the very people that he’s hired to help for the first time in this chapter and that encounter is many things. It includes sadness, gratitude, force, sexuality, remorse, and extreme anger all in a few short pages! He ultimately agrees to help them the best he can in their dire predicament.

This chapter was also almost the length of the first three combined, so that presented difficulties itself in that I spent more than double the amount of time editing the actual text than I have on any other chapter.

Two more characters were introduced to the reader as well. Carlos and Alejandra are the parents of Mercedes, the teenager who hired the detective. Carlos is a branch manager of a small bank in Houston and Alejandra is a stay-at-home mom. Their encounter with the detective is unanticipated and makes for an interesting interaction.

In the time since my last post I finished Red Light by T. Jefferson Parker and Sunset Express by Robert Crais. They are the second book in the Merci Rayborn series and sixth in the Elvis Cole series, respectively.

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