And we have an antagonist (with only a first name)

I spend my Friday nights writing. Well, mostly.

This particular chapter was fairly easy to write. I knew from the second I finished chapter six where I wanted chapter seven to go. This was also the first chapter that I wrote in multiple sittings that were not on consecutive days. I actually began writing on Tuesday and managed to finish just a little earlier tonight.

I knew that I wanted to introduce another character, and I did. This one is a bit more important than some of the other characters already introduced because he will act as the main antagonist in the story. Just think of him as the Voldemort of my story without the whole wizardry angle or magic or smashed face. I don’t want to reveal much about him, but…he owns several businesses and is quite wealthy. On the surface he appears like any other citizen, but the Houston police have reason to believe he isn’t as innocent as he looks. His first name is Hunter.

Also, I had assistance in naming this mystery man from both my mom and little brother. I always put a lot of thought into the names of the characters I create and this one was no different, unless I steal the names of people I know! (with their permission, of course)

The primary purpose of this chapter is to have Andrew learn who he’s to go toe-to-toe against the rest of the story. I’m aiming for a Harry v. Voldemort showdown at the end. Kinda. Not. Maybe. You’ll have to wait and see!

Also, there are two new books on my What I’m Reading page. The James Patterson title ranks in the top 15 on my list of best books.

2 thoughts on “And we have an antagonist (with only a first name)

  1. Interesting. Sensing a mind vs mind scenario. Very Death Note-ish


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