A Chapter for the Record Books

My Kickstarter project page to publish the very book this blog discusses can be accessed here.

That’s right, chapter 18 is one for the record books. Well, my record book. It somehow became the longest chapter of my book, though I struggled to write the first 800 words just yesterday. These things are weird sometimes.

The case is largely forgotten throughout the chapter by everyone involved. Detective Nathan rests at home during the day before returning to Andrew’s home and Sydney and Andrew just relax pretty much the entire day.

But the chapter ends with a conversation between Detective Nathan and Andrew that shows they know what’s coming. And I know what’s coming, but I’m not telling! All they can do is wait and see if they’re right.

Also, I spent a solid two hours last night before finally falling asleep reading my blog. I read every post in order, and I must say, I definitely wanted to read the book after reading all of that. Maybe I’m biased. Just a little.

3 thoughts on “A Chapter for the Record Books

  1. Detective Nathan. Man, that sounds good.


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