Setting the Stage

Chapter 17 is done! I sat down yesterday and soon realized after my first sitting that it would be a long chapter. Well, it kind of was.

The chapter is setting the stage for what I have in my head for chapter 18. Everyone involved in the case is at Andrew’s house and he realizes that they probably feel more safe than they have in almost a week. But he doesn’t beat around the bush and give them misguided messages. He acknowledges that there is real danger lurking just beyond, but does his best to reassure everyone that he’s the right man to protect all of them. He even offers up a guarantee that appears to convey his message.

Chapter 18 is going to be wonderful to write. I already have it thought out and I can’t wait to get it down on paper.

BUT until then I have some fantastic news for all of you! My Kickstarter project has been approved for launch and I’ll most likely make some final changes today and tomorrow and either launch tomorrow or Sunday.

I’ll keep you all posted as far as the actual launch date.

This journey only gets better!

16 Chapters and Counting

My vision for chapter 16 somehow made its way onto the Word document. Sometimes this happens, and other times it doesn’t.

The chapter forces all of the main characters in the story to adapt to what is happening with the case. Let’s just say that Andrew has some house guests that he hadn’t anticipated. It’s done primarily out of great concern for the safety of everyone involved.

Also, I mentioned in my last post that I have chosen to self-publish my first book and will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to help with the funding. Well, the project has officially been submitted for review and I hope to learn in the next day or so if any changes need to be made before the project goes live. I’ll post as soon as I know something.

I hope you all will take a look at it once it’s up and running, if only to learn Andrew’s last name and the working title of the book!


I’m going to first discuss the newest chapter and then I’ll delve into my announcement.

Chapter 15 was great, well at least I liked writing it. The events that took place when Hunter, Sydney, and Andrew came together remained largely unknown to the reader until the conclusion of this chapter. Also, Andrew realizes just what the case means for him and also what it means for his clients. I think it’s eye-opening and great insight into who Andrew is.

Now to the major announcement!

As an aspiring author, it is only wise to be aware of the publishing market of today and also of all of the publishing opportunities available. I am now at least halfway trough the first draft of my manuscript, let me repeat that, I’M HALFWAY THROUGH THE FIRST DRAFT!

I continue to tick off chapter after chapter and the realization that my book will be finished soon is settling in. As a result, I have spent far too many hours over the last ten days or so looking at publishers, book writing competitions, agents, and query letter techniques because this information will be needed soon enough.

I’ve read countless first-time author testimonials and articles written by others who work closely within the publishing industry, and what did I find? Well, after the months it takes for the author to find an agent, if it ever happens, and the time it takes the agent to sell the book to an editor at a publisher…the end result is often the same: The publisher pays a small advance to the author and prints the book.

Sure the book will be sent out to critics prior to publication, but the major reviewers like Publishers Weekly receive so many books for review that only a small percentage actually fall into the hands of a reviewer, and so many first-time authors write brilliant books and find no success. It’s unfortunate, but certainly something to consider.

With all of that being said, I have decided to self-publish my first book. I just don’t see the upside of opting to go the “traditional” route with my first book. I’m not writing because I want to become a millionaire, but I also don’t want to write a book that sells 50 copies and never again sees the light of day.

To help with the self-publishing process I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign next week that I hope you all will at least take a look at. It isn’t online just yet, but I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop when it is. Also, there will be a video on the project page telling a little about how come I’m making self-publishing my first choice rather than my last resort. And you’ll get to find out Andrew’s last name!

14 is a Random Number


I’m sure I’m not the only one who never ever thinks of the number 14. Well, that actually changed for me over the last, oddly enough, 14 hours. I wasn’t necessarily thinking solely about the number 14, but I always knew that I was working on the fourteenth chapter of my book. So today number 14, you are the most popular in my book! Just today.

This chapter was a relatively quick write. I don’t know how long I actually spent typing it up, but i do know that when I began last night I noticed the time on the clock when I started and BAM a half hour later 700 words had found their way onto the page. I didn’t really have to think about which direction I wanted to send the story in because its pretty well thought out in my head after having spent so many hours working on it.

Unfortunately for all of you, this is also one of those chapters that I would much rather have you read for the first time in the book rather than the SparkNotes version on here.

This chapter serves to answer the question as to what happened in chapter 13 after Sydney, Andrew, and Hunter meet. It’s a question that not a single one of the three can fully answer at the start of the chapter.

I fully realize that I’ve become a lot more vague in my recent posts, but the story is really developing and I’d rather you all have a desire to read the final book than think that you know exactly what happens by following my blog.

So keep reading because I reveal far more on here than I do even to people I talk to about the book in person!

Lucky Number 13


Yes! That’s right. Chapter 13 is officially in the books. Well, I guess it would be in the book. Eh, anyway, it’s complete!

This chapter almost didn’t happen. What I mean is that I had originally planned for most of what happened in this chapter to happen in chapter 12. I’m glad it didn’t. In my completely unbiased opinion I would have to say that number 13 is definitely lucky and could very well be the best chapter I’ve written to date. At worst, it’s tied for the top spot with chapter four. In my objective opinion.

I’m sure that you all would like to know a little about what took place. Yeah, about that. You see, I’m okay with revealing general information about individual chapters, but this one…not even that much. It’s so good! I have no idea what people will think of the writing, but the story made me consider revising what I tell people I’m writing from mystery to thriller. In the wonderful words of Harry Potter, “I shall not tell lies.” I very much believe that my book could someday be classified as a thriller. Aaahhh how exciting is that?!

This chapter is my baby.

I have some information to share about the chapter. First, I think it’s the third longest out of the 13 I’ve written. Second, for the first time since I began work on this book my fingers couldn’t get the words typed out fast enough. The story was just waiting to be told. By the way, I type roughly 80 WPMs. And third, I just love this chapter!

Now what to tell you all about what actually takes place. Hm. I’ll just say that Andrew, Sydney, and Hunter all come face-to-face and it’s like World War III. Or is it? I won’t tell!

I’m sure that some of you are wondering how come I don’t reveal the last names of any of my characters on here. Well that’s mostly because the characters are based off of people I am fortunate enough to know and I’m not sure if they want their name on here. Maybe I’ll ask, maybe I won’t. Or maybe you all will just have to read the book to find out. Ha!

Lastly, the main character, Andrew, is based heavily off of myself and I think I could write him in my sleep. But Sydney is so remarkable that I wonder how in the world I created her. She’s based off of a real-life Sydney and I think I’ve captured the person as well as I possibly could.

I think I’m in love. With the book Sydney, not the real one. Or am I? I don’t know! Yes I do, you all don’t.

I’ll keep you posted!