Second Draft Complete!

I finished the second draft while most of you were probably sleeping last night, around two in the morning. And what did I do immediately after, you ask? I opened Firefox to send it out to the first reader in my first round of readers, only I couldn’t access my email because my internet decided to stand in my way. I played with some chords and regained my connection and sent it away!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I currently have four rounds of three readers planned. My first group will be handled a little differently in that I’m giving one of them the true first read. I have my reasoning for this and wont go into detail.

I ended up adding around 400 words to the overall text and correcting a gazillion typos and filling in what I thought were small holes in the story.

My book is now in the hands of my beta readers! Well, until they give me their feedback.

Access my Kickstarter project page here.

5 thoughts on “Second Draft Complete!

  1. Congratulations on fishing your second draft… And I thought you were going to say the next thing you did was open the champagne…


    Cheers to you!


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