Author Photo Revealed!

I mentioned in my last post that one of the final things I had to do to move my book closer to publication was upload an author photo. Well, I know that many of you read most of my posts on here, so I wanted to give you all the first look at what I think is a wonderful picture.

Before taking the photo I actually did a bit of research regarding author photos. You’re probably wondering what research could I do before taking a simple photograph. And you’re right, when I say “research” I really just mean I looked at the author photos in the backs of my own books. Doing this gave me a good idea as to the kind of photo I needed to take.

Also, this picture will officially become my picture for EVERYTHING. I’ll be launching my own website very soon and actually using my Twitter account that I have neglected for some two years now. I’m still not the biggest Twitter fan there is, but I recognize that it is an easy way for others to stay up to date with my writing and things directly related.  There isn’t much on there right now, but there will be soon enough. Feel free to follow me @JohnGbooks.

Now to the picture. Drum roll please.


Don’t you think I captured the whole mystery writer look? I do.

2 thoughts on “Author Photo Revealed!

  1. Good picture, is it going to be black and white for the book or in colour like it is here? I’ve usually seen black and white.


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