I Have my Proof!

I wrote in an earlier post that I was due to receive my proof by next Monday. Well…maybe the length of my book affected the timetable or the formatter is a fast worker, BUT I received it a week early! I must say, I was rather excited to see my lovely manuscript as an actual book. Technically I’ve seen it as a PDF, but it very much resembles a book.

My thoughts are pretty simple. I LOVE IT! I’ve read articles and blog posts about authors just checking the formatting and stuff glancing at the pages, but I decided to read all the way through my book for the third and final time. And I’m glad I did. I remember after reading through the first draft that I had a gazillion mistakes that needed correcting. Mostly typos or very basic grammar errors. The second time through probably cut that number in half. The third time through probably cut it by seventy to eighty percent. I counted out exactly 31 things that need changing upon my final reading. So that you have an idea as to what kind of mistakes I’m talking about an example of one was the mistyping of the word “few” and putting “dew”. I didn’t find any glaring errors that horrified me upon reading.

Also, an probably the best part of my third reading of the book, is that I experienced all of the emotions that I hope my readers will upon reading the book. Even when I knew exactly what would happen and when. My book may not sell a ton of copies and it may not be the best written piece of fiction ever, but if my readers can feel something upon their reading of the book then I will be completely happy with everything else.

After all, I’m just trying to tell a story, right?

Take a look at my updated About Me page. It’s a little more revealing than my previous bio.

2 thoughts on “I Have my Proof!

  1. How exciting!
    I am also working on a novel, two actually. This is not the point. Anyhow, I am nowhere near finished. It is my first novel, and I am guessing it may take awhile to work my way through my first book. I cannot imagine the ecstasy in holding a completed novel in your hands.

    I agree completely, it isn’t about selling your story… its all about sharing the story. Its as if they have become real, if only in your mind, and they need to be shared!

    I hope this is only the first step in a successful process for you. Congratulations and good luck!


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