Final Final Final Draft

I posted yesterday that I officially had my proof in my hands for my review. I also mentioned that I had completed my third and final read through of my book. Well…today I uploaded what will ultimately be my final final final draft! Technically I’m still going to get another proof once my changes are made, but I figure that if I keep reading it then there will always be something that I want to change for whatever reason. I can’t imagine any author ever being absolutely satisfied with his or her work. So I won’t read it through once I receive my last proof. I’ll simply be checking to make sure the mistakes I found were corrected.

I was told that my changes would be made within 7-10 business days, which isn’t bad, but I was also told that I’d receive my first proof within 12 days of them beginning work on it. I actually got it in five. So I’m certain that I’ll be approving my final proof sometime next week and my book will become available for purchase by you lovely people! Well, I think the Amazon product page will take a few days to go online, but it’ll be soon!

This is it!

Also, I’ll be launching my website probably in the next day or two so keep an eye out!

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