Not Your Typical Easter Post

Photo Credit: Harriet Devine

I have no idea how long it’s been since I posted on a Sunday. I typically take the weekends off and stick to my Monday-Friday schedule for my posts. But today is different, right? Well, sorta. It’s Easter. Let me tell you why this won’t be your typical Easter post. I will not be seeing any of my extended family. I will not be eating BBQ. I will not be doing any grilling of any kind. There will be no candy or Easter egg hunts. As a matter of fact, the only difference between this Sunday and any other is that I’m off work. Let me tell you what I will be doing.

Reading. As you may or may not be aware, my yearly goal is to read 50 books. I’m a bit behind schedule. I’ve only read five books and we’re nearly four full months into 2014. Yikes. I just started A Wrinkle in Time, finally, from the Amazon list and I hope to have my thoughts on the book soon. Likely next week.

Writing. Yeah, there’s that. I haven’t given you guys an update in some time because I don’t have any update. My manuscript is just sitting there in its file on my computer collecting figurative dust. Don’t worry. I can use today as something of a catch up day. I usually use it as a work/sleep day. I will write. I will. And the next chapter is already thought out in my head. Maybe you should yell at me in the comments that I need to get some writing done. It may help. Or I may yell back. No way of knowing unless you try.

I think that’s it. My Easter will be filled with pages and pages of written words. What about yours?

12 thoughts on “Not Your Typical Easter Post

  1. I had planned on spending my Easter writing and reading. My puppy had other plans. Now it’s a day of washing and training the puppy to love her kennel. I hope you have a very productive Easter!


  2. Yeah, we don’t really do the easter thing either. But, starbucks is open and so I’m working.

    Good luck writing today! And hell, you should eat some bbq anyway!


  3. YELL, YELL, YELL!!! There. Does that help?

    Btw, I LOVE A Wrinkle in Time. Love.

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  4. I haven’t done any writing for days. New job and all that. 🙂


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