Show Some Respect

I’d intended to save whatever poems I decided to write for the weekends, but now I’m changing my mind. Sue me.

Did you know that it was Election Day on Tuesday? Maybe you knew, but I bet you didn’t vote. Cause something like 40 percent of eligible voters vote in midterm elections. That’s fine. If you don’t want to have have some small say in who represents you at the federal level, but more importantly at the state and local levels, then be my guest. But this isn’t a political post. Or even one that outlines why you should always vote. Nope. This is about respect.

I don’t care if you identify as a Republican or Democrat or Independent. I don’t. Because your political and social views mean absolutely nothing to me. And I’m near certain that mine mean the same to you, whether you’ll say it out loud or not. But something happened this week that I’d hope most Americans would be disgusted by. It was something with President Obama. No, I’m not going to go on a rant about what he’s had to endure during his time in the White House. This is just one event I’m going to talk about.

Did you watch it? Even though the title of the clip says all you need to know. I hope you recognize that this is not okay. I fully recognize that a lot of people disagree with President Obama on many issues. And I also recognize that there are plenty of racists out there. Hopefully you don’t deny this fact. Anyway, I have a story for you. I was too young to have an educated opinion when George W. Bush was first elected in 2000. But I was able to form my own opinions on things for the first time during his presidency. My opinion of President Bush as a person or of his policies is irrelevant. Why?Because I would never have exhibited such disrespect for the man who was the President of the United States.

I’m not saying that you need to treat President Obama as if he’s some greater being than you or I, but I will say that he is the President of the UNITED STATES. Your president. If you didn’t vote for him, fine. If you disagree with his position on every issue, fine. If you’re counting down the days until he’s out of office, fine. The thing is that you personally know people who you also disagree with on just about every issue, but you still manage to work with each other or coach Little League without any disrespect exchanged between the two of you. Why should you treat the president any differently?

Vote. Call your representative. Protest. Volunteer for a campaign. Do pretty much whatever you want, but I’d hope you  agree that this caller was in the wrong.

Showing some respect toward the president is no different from doing so with your neighbor. He’s a person just like you trying to do an incredibly difficult job.

13 thoughts on “Show Some Respect

  1. I agree with you on the need to show some respect to the President. Such a person might have been in custody if it were in some other countries where insulting the President is a punishable offence.


  2. I find it staggering how much disrespect gets thrown around at politicians. Yes, some of them absolutely deserve it, but when it comes to racial or gender abuse, it goes too far.
    Australia’s last Prime Minister was a woman and I pitied her for the insane amount of garbage she had to put up with, simply for being a woman in politics. The current (male) PM is awful, but doesn’t cop the same treatment from the public and the media.
    To use the N word against Obama is just disgraceful. America needs to wake up to itself =(


    • YESS! I actually remember seeing something from awhile back about the Australian PM. I don’t remember what was said or the circumstances, but I remember thinking that it was disgraceful what was being said about her. Might have been from another politician? But I’m not sure.

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  3. I voted. Not happily, but I voted. As I have in every election for decades… Lucky me, one of my candidates won! Corey Booker, now elected to the Senate from New Jersey. Friends tell me anyone from Newark is a lost cause. I don’t buy that. I hope and pray that Booker is smart enough enough and fortunate enough to avoid the ugly pitfalls that bring down so many potential fine leaders.


  4. I totally agree with you. The disrespect shown lately really bothers me.


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