Books (poem)



Books don’t leave
They don’t need breaks
They’re always there
And never late

Books don’t tire
Of you and your ways
They’re like your friends
Without the hate

Books entertain
And so much more
So grab a book
And shut the door

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7 thoughts on “Books (poem)

  1. Yes to the friend part and to the entertainment part! I’ve fallen in love with books all over again. Funny how that happens when you stop watching TV!


  2. Yes, the poem says it all. Books are intimate, wonderful companios. And yes, so are some TV shows which often start life as books. Make time for both and share them with human friends 🙂


  3. I love to sit down with an “old friend” and enjoy the time reading. Be it an author I haven’t read for a while or a book that it has been just long enough that I have forgotten enough about it to enjoy it all over again. Thanks for this, it is wonderfully perfect.


  4. Reblogged this on A Bohemian's Mind and commented:
    I thought this was just one of the funniest and greatest things ever. That is all.


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