My Birthday (poem)


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Hey guys, today’s my birthday! I know, I know. You can’t wait to wish me a happy birthday and tell me how awesome I am in the comments. 😉 I’m turning 23 today, and it was a rather nice year. Now read my poem.

 My Birthday

My birthday’s today
You should know
Cause we’re friends
I think so

I have no plans
Or much to do
But sit here
And talk to you

I’ll get some texts
And phone calls too
That’s all nice
But I’m no fool

No one cares
Nor should they
Because after all
It’s just a day


33 thoughts on “My Birthday (poem)

  1. Happy birthday
    John my friend
    Here’s the beginning
    And the end

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  2. Great Poem! Hope you had a great day, and a great year! If so, here’s to another great year *raises glass*

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  3. I suck! I didn’t get on the 27th! Happy late Birthday!!! I hope your Holiday was awesome as well!

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  4. Happy belated birthday–I hope you were able to do something fun!!!

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  5. Sorry I missed your birthday on your birthday. Happy belated!! You share a birthday with my best friend’s twin boys! They turned two that day. I consider that an amazing thing. 🙂 I hope this year is an awesome one for you!

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  6. Happy B-day and celebrate like you deserve to.


  7. Happy belated Birthday! Wish I had seen this sooner, you’re a day before one of my best friends. Hope you enjoyed your day (and totally owned it ’cause it’s yours)!

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