Uh Oh

That uh oh is for two reasons. First, my lack of posting or reading any blogs. Second, because Half Price Books is forcing more books upon me.

When I started working there last month I saw that other workers had a bunch of books on their stash shelves (they’re basically a holding shelf.) It’s where we put books/movies/games we may want to buy in the future. Some of the shelves are overflowing with things. Of course they aren’t all new, but they’re from the store.

I was of the opinion that I wouldn’t hardly use mine at all. Then I saw Mockingjay for $3. Then I saw The Perks of Being a Wallflower for the same price. And Gone Girl. These aren’t necessarily books I was planning on getting soon, but when you see that price you gotta act. I’ve since added several more. And it’s essentially become a weekly thing. Finding some book that I’m interested in or have known about for a long time and then putting it on my shelf.

Half Price Books is forcing me to buy more books when I’m not even reading any. I hate it. And love it at the same time. Ha. No question today because none of y’all are going to see this anyway. Just a slight update.

17 thoughts on “Uh Oh

  1. Hahaha! I’m actually still awake. Go me! I wish I had that kind of problem. I’ll really do need to head to a HPB as soon as I get back into Seattle.


  2. I’m like that with Kindle, if it’s on sale, look out! My TBR pile could rival the Empire State Building for height, I’m sure, and I still buy more. Oh well, if we ever get hit by the zombie apocalypse I’m good to go, 🙂


  3. Lol! I do that too. But recently it’s been on my kindle!!!


  4. Half Price Books addiction, the hardest habit to quit


  5. I just went thru my moms books… #toomanytocount 😛


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