Neil Gaiman Might Actually be a Rockstar

I’ve said it before that Gaiman is one of the most recommended authors to me, and American Gods is one of the most recommended titles of any author I’ve ever known of. Well I’m now understanding why. He’s actually a rockstar.

I know this because he recently released a new book and the store carried it. Our new releases are usually 20% off the cover price. Which is less of a discount than other booksellers, but that’s what it is. So when customers see the price of $20 or $22 they sometimes decide to go elsewhere for their book. But not for Gaiman. His books were signed and we got enough to take up an entire shelf on our new releases display (probably 12-16 books) and I think all but one has sold.

Not bad, Mr. Gaiman. You little rockstar.

We also did the same with Anderson Cooper’s new book recently.

Do you agree? You think Neil Gaiman is actually a rockstar?

12 thoughts on “Neil Gaiman Might Actually be a Rockstar

  1. Absolutely! My dream is for him to read my book and not hate it. I don’t even need him to like it, but just not hate it, and I will die happy.


  2. Nah, he’s better than a rockstar because he doesn’t prance around a stage in spandex 😀


  3. Absolute rockstar! I say it all the time…that man is a genius!


  4. Neil Gaiman is one of a very select few who possess both talent and popularity. He’s not just a rockstar, he’s a demigod 😉


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