Reading to Become Immortal


A new study published recently in the journal Social Science and Medicine concluded that reading more books can lead to immortality! *opens a book to start reading*

Okay. Maybe I’m exaggerating. BUT over a 12 year study of people over 50-years-old those who read more than 3 1/2 hours each week were less likely to die during the span. The study concluded that reading books could potentially add two years to your lifespan. And that’s only in people who were over 50 to begin with, imagine how many years are added if you start young! Oh boy.

So much for that so many books, so little time nonsense. Keep reading and you’ll have more time!

How many years do you think will be added to your lifetime?

12 thoughts on “Reading to Become Immortal

  1. Isn’t this probably simply because people who are reading aren’t out doing stupid and damaging things to their bodies? lol.

    Uhm, crap, I’m probably going to live ’til I’m 150, if not.


  2. Probably a lot. I’ve been a reader for all my life. Don’t know how many years though. 🙂


  3. I think it’s bizarre how science is always uncovering more and more ways to prolong life, somehow. Not that I mind this particular method, as I’m a regular reader anyway! xD


  4. Well, that’s an interesting thing i never saw coming from scientific studies..!


  5. The power of reading is real. Many might not see this, but people like you understand it. We need motivate and encourage youngsters in doing so too, before its too late. I am doing such a social campaign that helps to achieve that aim. It would be beneficial for all of us if you could check us out at or on


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