I Need Names!

I’ve recently added a new furry friend to the family. And now he needs a name. I actually named the last dog we got since it was my decision to get her. That was six years ago. Then early last year we added to the family, but he was already named.

I’m thinking of making him after a book character. Maybe Frankenstein? Or Elvis. Spenser? A name that was suggested was Banks, after the character I created. Which I thought was funny, but now it’s growing on me. Just about every other name has been ridiculous. So now I’m seeing what y’all can come up with to add to the discussion.

What are some good literary names for this little guy?

31 thoughts on “I Need Names!

  1. I had a cat named Frankenstein so I am partial to that name πŸ˜‰


  2. Depends on how you define “literary names”. Since some of his hair is reddish, the first name I thought of was “Rufus” (as in “Rufus the Writer” a children’s book by Elizabeth Bram)


  3. How about an author’s name? Dickens? or Oliver from Oliver Twist?


  4. How about Booker since you like to read. Years ago, I had a Shakespear, Byron, Marlowe, Keats and then Maxwell House Coffee(max for short) cause writers drink a lot of coffee. My husband didn’t think I was as clever as I thought I was!


  5. Jondy, the short form of the main male character in the later books of the series I’m rereading. (Earth’s Children by Jean M. Auel)
    He IS a cutie though.


  6. How about Hemingway, Chandler, King, Tolkien or Grisham?


  7. Gaspode the Wonder Dog – from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels!


  8. The first name that popped into my head when I saw his picture was Truman, as in Capote.


  9. Looks like a “Sparky”. πŸ™‚


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