2017 Reading Challenge

Last year I hosted my first reading challenge, and of course didn’t complete it. Welp. In 2017 I’m upping the stakes! I added five more books to the challenge total and I am determined to complete it the second time around! Follow along with me on this 365 day journey of reading! Here are the requirements:


Current: 7/25

A 20th century classic – The Sun Also Rises – 01/02/2017

A book about time travel – A Wrinkle in Time – 01/03/2017

A book with a diverse main character – Things Fall Apart – 01/05/2017

A book written by a woman – Beloved – 01/12/2017

A book about baseball – Game of Shadows – 01/16/2017

A how-to book – How I Write – 01/18/2017

A book everyone else seems to have read – The Lightning Thief – 01/22/2017


16 thoughts on “2017 Reading Challenge

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  3. As I’m reading this month, I’m being mindful of the challenge. I already see a cheat coming on. If I don’t like a book I stop reading it. Period. But I’ve been able to check off a few.


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  14. How did you like the sun also rises?


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