The End is Here

The end of what? ADULT COLORING BOOKS. BN said that the decline of sales in the final quarter of 2016 was partially the result of a decline in adult coloring books. Let’s all rejoice!

Seriously. Never bought one and never even considered doing so. I’m a bit glad that people finally stopped buying these things at an alarming rate.

Did you ever buy an adult coloring book?

11 thoughts on “The End is Here

  1. Not per se an adult coloring book. I got some for quilting patterns and that became addictive. It appears I have a thing for patterns, fabric, books, pens and notebooks. Sorry blathered on.


  2. I buy them all of the time.. they help me work on my tremors which have increased and nystagmus that come along with my illness. Also I just find the act soothing when I am over stressed. I catch a lot of flack from people over them and it is upsetting. They do not bother to ask why I like them or use them so often. Not too mention they provide an activity that I can include both children in.


    • Have you noticed a decline in the selection of them? I haven’t been in a bookstore in awhile, but I know they used to be right up front in many of them.

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      • Our B&N has an ever growing selection. I was honestly surprised to see sales had dropped when I read this. I was in about a week ago and they had nearly 3 rows plus an end cap. But you know how it can be.. everything seems to come and go in waves haha.


  3. Oh yes. Bought one. Only filled the first ten pages or so. I loved colouring in it b/c it was such a stress buster.


  4. I bought one and have colored one page lol. The drawings are so pretty I’m afraid to mess them up with poor color choices or something.


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