Broken Promise, But Not Really

I haven’t made a goal of not buying any new books in 2019. Which means I’m almost certainly going to buy some. I have a disease. πŸ˜‚

Besides my favorite authors and series, whenever I enjoy an adaptation before reading the book I always want to go back and read it. Every single time. I know I’m not the only one, and don’t yell at me for not reading the book first to begin with. Sometimes we don’t even know there’s a book until afterward.

Recently I’ve watched two adaptations I really enjoyed. One was a movie and one was a series. Now I want both books. But I’m stingy. I never pay regular price and prefer to have Half Price coupons when I go. They only come out four times a year. Hmm.

Do you always read the book first when there’s an adaptation out or on the way?

12 thoughts on “Broken Promise, But Not Really

  1. I prefer to read a book before seeing the movie. With a book, the pacing and the reveals are important, and you lose much of that if you see the movie first. Also, of course – “the book is always better than the movie.” Glad to see the increase in activity on your blog. It’s a lot of work!


  2. I try to read the book first. But sometimes, it really messes up the timing of seeing the adaptation. I find that whichever I experience first (whether it’s the adaptation or the original), comparisons are inevitable. I wish I could just appreciate both works for their individuality, but maybe that’s just the way it goes.


    • Yes! Though I can only think of one movie off the top of my head that I felt was better than the book. Well maybe two. I couldn’t finish Prisoner of Azkaban. πŸ™ƒ

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      • Agreed, usually the book is better…though there are exceptions of course. And Prisoner of Azkaban was a bit difficult to get through, but there’s always so much more detail in her books than in the movies.

        Unrelated, but in a similar vein as adaptations… have you ever been to any of the Harry Potter theme parks? I guess we can kind of call them experiential adaptations?


      • I know. Like 80% of of people I talk to say that was their favorite book. I just don’t see it.

        And no, I haven’t. I need to! I haven’t been to Orlando in like 20 years. I’m long overdue.

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      • It wasn’t my favorite of the series….so you’re not alone there. πŸ™‚

        You need to visit! There’s also the movie set experience just outside of London, which is also really cool!


      • Good.

        I know! I’m trying to become a world traveler over here and Orlando is way up on my list, but it’s so expensive to do everything I want to. 😐 I also plan on going to London ONE DAY.

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  3. Living an hour from Orlando, I have to say, save your money. So many great cities to see, rather than stand in line for rides and overpay for hotels and mediocre food.


  4. Definitely. Sometimes I’ll just read the book. I’ll make any excuse to buy a book.


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