My Book

My debut novel, Divided Within, was officially released on October 29, 2013. If you’re reading this far then you need to go out and buy it!

Front Cover1


Buy from Amazon – click here

Buy on Kindle – click here


24 thoughts on “My Book

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  3. Hi John-
    I admire you for writing a book so quickly. I went on Amazon and looked inside your book. Read the first sentence and I said, “I want to read this book.” Crazy isn’t it how a beginning sentence can entice a reader?
    So, I downloaded your book and it’s in line with a few other books before. But I’ll get to it. Crime fiction is really my thing but I think one has to read a lot of good writing (as you said on your About page) in order to internalize one’s own good writing style.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog:)

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  4. I’m a fraidy-cat. Do you think I can read your book at night without having nightmares?


  5. John, I read Divided Within. I predict that you will write many books. You have great talent and imagination. If I may show you how to make your story flow more easily for your readers by breaking at strategic places, email me at I enjoyed your book. You have wonderful potential as a mystery writer. Write me another book, John!

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  6. I hope you’re selling tons of copies! Best of luck.


  7. Thanks for checking out my new novel blog. You got in on day-one, so stay tuned for added content. I admire you for getting into writing at such a young age. Good luck with your book sales. Will add it to my list.


  8. Thanks for liking my little poem, John. All the best with your next novel.


  9. Hi, thanks for stopping by my page! I wonder, as an author aspiring to be published, how did you go about breaking into publishing your first book? Did you have an agent?


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