A Milestone I Didn’t See Coming

Twice this week I’ve said I’d post an update on my reading challenge and twice this week I’ve changed my mind. But I do have some fun news to share. Just look:

I don’t hardly look at my stats at this point because I’m content with where I am. Yesterday I just happened to look at them in the app and this beauty of a number was staring back at me. 100,000 views on my little piece of the internet!

I’m of the opinion that views and likes and all of that stuff don’t really matter. Why? Because there are bloggers out there with no following who post fantastic content on a regular basis. I’ve simply managed to find an audience. Johnny Reads is no better or worse than the next blog.

All that said, WOW. This year has been rough for me. I’ve left two jobs in less than four months. I’m again in the midst of a job search that I’m hoping doesn’t last as long as my last one. BUT at the end of the day there’s one thing that’s remained constant throughout 2016. I’m still just a guy who enjoys talking books with like-minded people. That’s what it comes down to.

So whether you’ve been around here for a week or a year, it’s a pleasure to have you. I hope you’ll stick around. 😁