On Stephen King

I’ve said about a million times on here that I’ve never read any Stephen King novels. Not one. Probably sounds crazy, but it’s true. Lately at work a few of the guys have been talking about some of his work. They know I haven’t read him and no one is trying to force their favorite books down my throat. But it seems like everyone I work with has read him. Even though no one there is trying to get me to pick up a King novel, I’m starting to inch closer to doing so.

But I wouldn’t even know where to start. I don’t know if he writes series or standalones or what. I just know that he’s had about 321 books adapted into movies and that he’s very respected by fans and authors alike. So perhaps it’s time for me to jump on board.

But that’s where you come in. Which Stephen King novel should I start with? I haveĀ 11/22/63 on my Kindle from forever ago, but I’ve never even gotten the idea into my head that I should actually read it. Kind of like the Kindle First books I’ve downloaded. I only know maybe ten King titles off the top of my head, so might as well just recommend anything. Go.

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