January: A Review

January was okay on the blog. It was nothing compared to last January, but eh. I guess I’ll have to take the blame for that. The first month of the year has come and gone, and now it’s time for some numbers.

Posts: 31

Likes: 632

Comments: 431

Followers: 3353

Books Read: 2

Poems: 1

YouTube Videos: 2

I lied. January actually turned out to be better than expected. I know two books is nothing to cheer about, but at least I did get started on my 2016 Reading Challenge, right? AND I posted a poem on here for the first time in a million years. AND I’m getting a little more consistent on my channel. All positives. The other numbers are pretty average.

Now let’s look at some posts.

Top Post

On Alan Rickman

Favorite Post

Guess Who Officially Has a Custom YouTube Url?!

Post you may Have Missed

2016 Reading Challenge Book #$2: The Thomas Berryman Number

The top post of the month was pretty predictable, although I hadn’t checked before writing this. But Alan Rickman was beloved actor, and his death brought about the appropriate response from his fans. I finally got my own YouTube URL, which of course is exciting. AND I’m really planning on expanding my channel to greater heights in the coming months. Which I hope you’ll join me for.

All in all, January was pretty nice. I know I enjoyed it. How was your opening month of 2016?


On Alan Rickman

As you likely already know, Alan Rickman died yesterday after a bout with cancer. He was 69.

I’m going to be completely honest here. I didn’t even know his name. He was Severus Snape to me. That’s it. I guess he was known for a few other roles, but not to me he wasn’t. One of my coworkers told me early yesterday morning that he’d died. My response: “Who?” Then he said Snape.

I’m not aiming to drop him down a notch or alter your personal viewpoint of the man, but I really only knew him as Snape. But now I’m curious. I’m curious to know a little more about a man I hardly knew. Memories. Roles. Thoughts. Sure I could Google search and come up with some new information, but I’m interested to know what you’ll remember him most for. Which of his roles most impacted you. And what you initially thought upon hearing of his death. I just thought of random Snape quotes I’ve remembered from the movies.