Stop Telling me What to Read

Just stop.

How many times have I said on here that I DO NOT TAKE BOOK SUGGESTIONS? I wish I had a count. Because I’ve said it more than enough. But it seems that every week someone will read a post or page of mine and then comment that I should read this book or that one.

I mean, do you realize what you’re even doing when you do that? You’re making yourself out to be some kind of authority on which books should be read and which ones shouldn’t. Not to mention the fact that you know absolutely nothing about me. In what world are you living in?

There are a few people on here who I’ve asked specifically to recommend books to me, for various reasons. But when I say a few people, I’m talking about a handful. Maybe. Not every person who happens upon my blog. It’s ridiculous and annoying. And when I respond that I don’t take recommendations the other person wants to act like I’m saying something outrageous and pretend to be upset.

Just leave me to decide what I should read next. Thanks.