The Power of Social Media

So there’s this site called Twitter, right? You may have heard of it. Well Bill Gates recommended a book during a thread he posted to the site. Today the book was the top selling title on Amazon. Welp.

I won’t even tell you which book it is. Just go look for yourself. 

Which Book, Mr. Buffett?

You can disagree with Warren Buffett’s politics all you want, but it’s nearly impossible to deny the success he’s achieved during his lifetime.

Which makes him a good person to ask, “What was your favorite book of 2016?” So I did. And he ignored me like the nobody I am. But he did tell others. His pick? Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. A book I haven’t read. But a book Bill Gates also mentioned as one of his favorites of the year.

I can’t say I’m extremely interested in what billionaires are reading, but I think it is a cool thing to know. Because people decide to read books for their own reasons. And because these guys have experienced such great would be like asking an athlete which sport they most enjoy watching on TV. Doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, but still something that might make you think a bit.

The best book I read in 2016 was Unstoppable by Bill Nye. What was yours?