A Bucket List, for Books!

Photo Credit: My Written Romance

I would first like to tell you guys that I kinda sorta almost stole this idea from another blogger. She has an Adventure List on her blog. It’s not only about books, but when I read through her list I knew that I wanted to make one of my own that had all book things. You can find the inspiration for my list on Green Tea and Peanut Butter Cups.

Okay, now you’re probably wondering what kind of list I could come up with with things only related to books. Well let me tell you, a long one. I’ve been brainstorming the last few days and I’ve come up with a list quite a bit longer than I thought I’d have. Let me tell you a little about the things you’ll find on there. I’ll talk about different literary series I want to complete. Things I want to accomplish as an author. Authors I want to meet. Things like that. The list will likely change from one day to the next as I add and accomplish certain things.

I’ll tell you one thing from the list before you go clicking on the tab.

Visit the Library of Congress in Washington DC.

I hope you enjoy it!

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