I Want to Attend a Festival

I’ve never attended a book festival/expo of any kind. But not every one is made equally. I’m not sure how much I’d enjoy a local festival that only lasts a day or two. But I can’t definitely say I wouldn’t enjoy it, right?

I think it would be a pleasant experience to be surrounded by people who love books. Wouldn’t really matter what they love reading or who, just that they do. The simple fact is that books give so many people something in common. Literature may seem small in the eyes of some, but common ground is common ground. There’s not much of that going around today.

Have you attended any book festival/expo? How was it?

On Festivals

Literary ones, obviously.

There are festivals and conferences happening all the time. I just think it’d be nice to be around so many people who share a passion for books. But of course I’ve never been to one.

The only downside for these different expos is the price. They’re almost always hundreds of dollars to attend. And individual discussions or panels are nearly always an additional fee. Of course organizers and venues should be compensated, but some expos are simply overpriced. People interested in attending something like this should be able to afford it. And there’s no doubt that the price can potentially become a turn off.

But eh, I’d still like to go to one at some point. Have you ever attended any kind of literary festival?