Libraries are Too Important

Libraries are underfunded no matter where you look, much the same as public education. I don’t think I’d get much argument if I said these are two institutions we need as a society.

As passionate as I am about education, I’ll focus on libraries today. Libraries are some of the most important public institutions we have. Again, I’d imagine little argument here. But in so many places they’re run like a business. They aren’t bookstores, so they shouldn’t be operated as such.

A library in Florida created a fake patron who checked out more than 2000 books over a span of 9 months. They did this because the library system only uses data to determine when books should be taken out of the system to be discarded. In this particular system a book is on the shortlist to be discarded if not checked out within a year and essentially gone if not checked out in 2.

Obviously libraries cannot have every book in stock. But this system doesn’t factor in the knowledge of its own employees. My local system has multiple librarians at its locations. I imagine that’s fairly standard. Which means you have people who know how to run a library running the libraries. You’d think there’d be a policy in place to defer to their judgment. Not so. (In this case)

So these 2000+ books were checked out because they were almost certainly on the way out. Libraries shouldn’t have to resort to these types of actions in order to keep particular books on their shelves. They’re experts and should be treated as such rather than just a department with a budget.

Tell me why libraries are important to you.

May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor

Today is January 1st. Which means my 2016 Reading Challenge is officially underway! I have way more people participating than I thought would, which means one heck of a competition.

But wait, are you sitting there reading this with no idea what I’m talking about? Then let me refer you to this post. You’ll find all the information you need to participate.

Good luck to the rest of you participating! There could be gift cards in your future!

The first book I’ll be reading for the challenge will be The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, but I won’t tell y’all which bullet it’ll be fulfilling. Ha!

Don’t forget to tag me on here or on Instagram whenever you finish a book from the challenge! I’ll be able to Like and comment easier that way.

So without further delay, may the odds be ever in your favor. What’s going to be your first book for the challenge?

My 2015 Reading Biography

I did this last year. Now I’m doing it again this year.

2015 was rather rough on the reading front. 10 books. Just ten. I have no excuse. I started off relatively strong with four books in January and then it was all downhill from there. Here’s the breakdown:

Best month: January
Books in a series: 4
Rereads: 0
New-to-me authors: 5
Books from Amazon list: 4
Most common genre: Mystery
Authors read multiple times: 0

I think that’s it. I don’t really have much to pick from when I’m only looking at ten books. I’ll do better in 2016, right? I sure hope so.

Also, I’ve added a new page to the blog titled “2016 Reading Challenge” that’ll show the progress of my challenge throughout the coming months. So don’t forget to take a peek.

How was your year of reading?

Get Some Books This Black Friday


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Okay. The title of this post may be a little misleading. I shouldn’t have said books, I should have said book. But who’s paying attention, right?

Anyway, I get emails from Amazon almost every day of the week. I usually open them for about five seconds and then go about the rest of my day. Usually. BUT this week I got a rather nice one that I just couldn’t pass up. During the very beginning of the holiday shopping season (now) they are giving you 30 percent off of one book. And since the books are usually cheaper on there than any other retailer, you’re talking about some very nice savings when you take the additional 30 percent off. Seriously, how can you pass this up? You can’t!

All you have to do is add the book to your cart and put “holiday30” in the “gift cards & promotional offers” space before checkout and the discount will be applied. Remember, it’s only off of one book. So if you’re one of those who thinks Amazon is the devil of the book industry, then you don’t even have to make a big deal about it. Cause it’s just one book.

Now I am well aware that this deal is inherently better for me than it may be for you because I’m a Prime member and I get free shipping. But maybe you are too. If you have to pay for shipping, then you’re basically giving the discount right back to them. Oh well to that.

Just thought I’d share this great deal with all you bibliophiles! Happy Black Friday!