You’d be Crazy to use Kindle Convert


When I first found out about this new Amazon program it had me scratching my head. I was literally lying in bed scratching my head as I read a few articles about it. Kindle Convert does exactly what you might think after reading its name. It enables you to convert your physical books into Kindle eBooks. Guess how? By scanning them, page by page into the program.

I have to admit that I have no idea who at Amazon came up with this program. Or why it’s offered to the public at all. This is a joke. Seriously. Even if you have a typical 300 page book it’ll take hours to scan it. All for what? So you can read it on your Kindle? That is, if you somehow manage to do everything correctly in the process. I’ve known a few people to own both the Kindle and print version of books, but I’ve never really seen the point of that. I mean, if you REALLY have to be able to read a particular book at your every location, then take the damn thing with you. Or are you going to give me some excuse about it being too heavy or bulky?

I have no idea why Amazon would release Kindle Convert to the public, but suffice it to say that I have no interest whatsoever in downloading the software. You can view the Amazon product page here.