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One of the things I’ve mentioned on here a few times is that I hate not finishing books once I’ve started reading them, but sometimes it just has to happen. I’m kind of talking about that practice today, but from the perspective of a writer. How does one know when to abandon a story that’s been in progress for months?

Those of you who talk to me on Twitter or on here in the comments know that I haven’t been writing at all lately. I’ve become the person who spends more time blogging about writing than actually writing. But I’m okay with that. The problem rests in the fact that I’m currently not writing because I don’t want to. It has nothing to do with writer’s block or not knowing where the story is going or anything at all besides me.

If you asked me right now what I think of the story I’ve written in my current WIP I would be completely honest with you and say that I think it’s leaps and bounds ahead of my first book. But for whatever reason, I just haven’t enjoyed writing it. I think the story’s premise is solid. I think what’s happening between my two main characters alongside the main story is solid. And I think the conflict I’ve introduced is something we can all recognize as not very far from reality in today’s world. With all that being said, the manuscript currently sits at roughly 30,000 words, the same point at which it’s been for something like five weeks now. If this was the first time I’d gone this long without writing, then okay, but it isn’t. I’ve done this like three times during the course of the eight months I’ve been “working” on it. That’s a long time not writing.

Now let me finally get to the point of the post. I’d like to know when you all would decide that it’s time for something new to work on. At which point in time would you abandon the story for something maybe you’re looking forward to actually writing? The thing with me is that I refuse to leave it behind for something else. Why? Because much the same as with reading a book, I know I won’t go back. I may not be actively writing, but it is still important to me that I finish this. If you knew the story, you’d know that.

Have you ever stopped working on a project before reaching its completion? If yes, why?

Chapter Four in the Books

Divided Within (Andrew Banks #1)

I’d promised to tell you all about a new chapter either this past Sunday or Monday. Well, obviously I didn’t, BUT I have some extraordinary news for all of you! Really.

I’m sure most of you will remember my offering my book for free a couple of weeks ago. It was my attempt to get my book into the hands of as many new readers as possible, and I thought it was wildly successful. At the time. As we all know, this past Monday was Cyber Monday, one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. I’ll get back to that in a second.

After my one free day a couple of weeks ago I read a book called Winning with KDP Select: 5 Steps to Hit #1 in the Amazon Free Store. This was after I’d sold what I thought was a good amount of books during my free day, 206. This book outlines several sites that really promote Kindle free days, usually for a minimum fee or no cost at all. After reading this book I decided to offer my book for free once again on Cyber Monday because of what I now believed to be a lack luster attempt at utilizing KDP Select my first time. Well, although I chose not to use every tip listed in the book, I used most of what was offered and I managed to sell 6531 books during my two free days! I’ve read stories of authors selling far more and I believe it, but that number is fantastic for me. My goal going in was 1000. I think I reached that around noon the first day.

For those of you wondering what KDP Select is, it’s a program offered by Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing that allows authors to enlist their books in the program for 90 day periods. Each period the author is given five free promo days that he or she can choose to use or not. The drawback is that the eBook must be exclusive to Kindle during those 90 days.

Andrew Banks Book Two

I do have a new chapter to talk about with you guys. I mentioned last week that Andrew and Sydney were planning to add to their small family. I won’t elaborate further, but that plays heavily into the chapter that follows. The two of them are literally running around with these giant smiles across their faces and telling any person who will listen. Andrew also comes to realize the importance of the job ahead of him. He’s set to attend a major event with his client and it’s nothing but money, politicians, and celebrities attending.

That’s all I have for now!

Don’t forget that my first book is permanently $0.99 in the Kindle store if you haven’t taken advantage of any of my free days! Get it here! And free for Kindle Owners with Prime memberships!

I’ll have that picture I promised from Andrew’s office for you guys soon!

Lastly, I’ve now come up with the title for the second book! But like I did with the first one, I’ll be revealing that a little later in the writing process. Stay tuned!