YouTubers Responsible for Higher Print Sales?

I think not.

So I’m sitting here reading my usual book articles, right? Well it seems the rise in print book sales is being partly attributed to YouTubers.

I can probably think of 5-10 YouTube stars who released books this year. They were all bestsellers. I think. But it’s not like these books are selling 5-10 million copies apiece. I’m quite certain they aren’t even selling one million copies. Their books are the kinds that rarely earn publishers back the advances given to the authors in the US. They more than earn it back from other markets.

Anyway, I don’t know why there has to be a very specific, concrete reason for the resurgence in print sales. I mean, did people think books were going to fall off the face of the earth? I’d attribute the rise in sales to adult coloring books and Harper Lee. I’m not saying they’re entirely responsible for the rise in sales over last year, but they played a nice part.

What do you think of the continued rise in sales of print books? (2014 also rose). And which books/authors do you think are responsible, if any?