Ask Your Reader


Photo Credit: StandOutBooks

This will be a first for me. But who knows, maybe it could become a more regular thing. Maybe. Oh wait, I haven’t even told you what I’m doing yet. Whoops.

Okay. A Million years ago I took ideas from you all about potentially writing a guest post for me. And the response from you guys wasn’t astronomical, but I ended up with a GREAT post about pantsing vs. plotting. This will not be a call for a guest blogger.

But you still have a say in what I write. See, I’ve maintained for a long time that my favorite part of blogging is interacting with you guys. Yes, some of you avidly disagree with me on just about everything I post to the point that your comments are aimed more toward me than what I wrote, which I’m perfectly fine with. I’m a big boy and I can guarantee that nothing you say on here is going to hurt or negatively affect me. But keep it respectful. If I rant about something and you REALLY don’t like it then go ahead and comment and call me stupid and do whatever you want. I don’t care.

Anyway, I got way off topic with that paragraph. I’ve seen other bloggers ask their readers what they want them to write about. Honestly, I laugh when I see this because they end up with one Like and one comment because they really have no readers. Don’t read that as my thinking I’m better or something, but if you’re a regular reader of my posts then you know that there are several bloggers who come back day after day to read what I’ve written. So I think I’m in a better position than others to ask this question.

What would you like for me to write about? The one thing I would say is that your suggestion in some way pertain to books or writing. That’s all. Since I am posting this on a Sunday I definitely expect the response to be fairly minimal, but feel free to throw some ideas my way if you like and just maybe I’ll write a post and give you a little shoutout.

Comment away.

PS: I have a notepad of ideas right next to me. So don’t go thinking crazy thoughts that I’ve run out of ideas. Nope.