Eight is Great

I’m actually writing this post before I finish the eighth chapter. I know exactly where it’s going and I’m always eager to fill you guys in, so we get an early post this time around.

In this chapter Andrew makes his travel plans and once again turns to Detective Nathan. For those of you unaware, this particular detective played a major role in solving Andrew’s first ever case that takes place about five months before the current one. This homicide detective is pretty much his go-to guy when he handles serious cases. Andrew generally wants someone in the loop who can move the case forward should something happen to him. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet, he’s just looking to bounce some ideas off of him at this point. That’s all for now!

Also, I have another review from my blog tour to share with you guys! It’s from the blog Readers’ Muse and if I had to put a label on it I’d call it fair. Check it out!

Another Friday night, another chapter written

It’s becoming a habit of mine to write almost exclusively on Friday nights. I’m still trying to figure out why this has happened and I’ll pass along any information I come across. My thinking cap just seems to like Friday nights. Maybe it’s the lack of decent television programming? I don’t know.

I often wonder how my writing process and style would compare to more accomplished authors. I tend to write a single chapter and then follow up with the next one a few days later. I know for a fact that James Patterson, the current almighty of crime fiction, writes seven days a week. I’ve also seen at least one video of Michael Connelly typing away on his computer as if the chapter is already written in his head and he’s simply transferring it down to paper. I wonder if either of them is able to write a single chapter in like thirty minutes or something.

I’ve reached something of a milestone with this most recent chapter. I surpassed 50 pages in Microsoft Word! It isn’t an actual accomplishment to me, but the longest paper I wrote as a college student was only nine pages. This is an exciting new kind of writing for me. I’ve estimated that I’ve written right around 75 pages in a traditional book format, for those of you wondering.

Now, to the glorious chapter eight. This was the first chapter to – as they say – write itself. I had considered nearly every detail before beginning work on the chapter. It probably helps that I waited an entire week to start, but what can I say, if everyday was Friday then the book would be done by the middle of August!

In this chapter Andrew finally puts a face to the man he is to go up against for the rest of the story. Their encounter proves both useful and frightening. He puts a face to the man known as Hunter but Hunter will be able to put a face to the man known as Andrew who will be poking his head where it shouldn’t be. It’s almost a win-lose for him.

We’ll just have to see what happens!

A great book by Michael Connelly is now on my What I’m Reading page. It’s something of a literary version of the movie Taken. It’s a must read!