Author Copy Shipped!


Ahhh! This makes me so happy! Be honest, you know you are too. And it looks like they are too!

I hadn’t anticipated receiving a physical copy for review. When I first started the process about a month ago I was given the option as to whether or not I wanted a physical or digital proof. I was given the same option upon submitting my manuscript for formatting, and both times I chose digital. I know, I know I should always inspect the physical proof because a computer screen can only show you so much, BUT a physical proof adds more than a week each time I need one. That’s too long.

Anyway, I’ve read every single word of the text and am confident that once I receive my copy that I’ll be approving it for sale very shortly thereafter. Let me repeat that for emphasis. I’LL BE APPROVING IT FOR SALE SHORTLY THEREAFTER! Remember a few posts ago when I talked about doing my whole happy dance, well….that time is coming! I might even record it for all to see. Just imagine a 21-year-old guy running around his house with a book in his hands and a giant smile plastered on his face. And then imagine that same guy singing and dancing too. And THEN imagine him going out front of his house and letting all the world know that he accomplished the task of writing and publishing a book. And THEN imagine him minutes later after the initial excitement and pleasure have worn off sitting alone on his bed with HIS book in his hands and maybe a tear making its way down his face. Well, maybe ten tears,

That’ll be me when I get my copy!

I cannot wait for some of you guys to read it.

This is it!