April Showers Bring More…Bloggers?

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The month of April was rather terrific for me. I’m not all about site stats, but I enjoy having an audience and having particular bloggers return to my blog each day to see my new posts. It’s a wonderful feeling. AND Texas weather finally decided that it was done playing games with us. Plenty of days with highs in the 90s and lows in the 70s. Can you say spring? Anyway, why don’t I stop talking about the weather and talk about the month that was.

In April I broke my previous record for posts in a single month. The previous record was set in March with 22. And I also shattered my records for interaction from other bloggers. I mean, you’ll see the numbers in just a bit. This is why I love you all. Seriously, y’all have no idea. I tell people about y’all all the time. Here’s my breakdown for the month. The previous record will be in parenthesis.

Posts: 26 (22)

Likes: 500 (186)

Comments 1092 (327)

New Followers: 511 (260)

OH MY GOODNESS! How are those numbers even possible?! I knew this month was better than March based on my interaction with you guys each day, but when I sat down and calculated everything I was blown away. I love you guys. I don’t care if we’ll never meet face-to-face, I do. 1092 comments!? What the heck are y’all doing on here? Are y’all spamming me? Ha. The hilarious part of that is that one person accounted for 10% of the comments for the month. She’s great. I love her the most. Okay, not really. Yes I do.

Top Post

Books I Will NEVER Read

Favorite Post

15 Reasons to Read This Post!

Post you may Have Missed

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Well that’s it. April was by far my best month of blogging ever. Please keep coming back. I promise to always have something interesting for you. Promise!

Tell me about your month. What books did you read? Maybe you participated in National Poetry Month or the A to Z Challenge. Or you broke up with your boyfriend. Just tell me. This was my most revealing month ever, so now it’s your turn to tell me your life story.

March: A review of my best blogging

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I have to be honest here, down here in Texas March was a bit different from what we’ve come to expect. There were A LOT of cold days and not enough days with temperatures in the eighties. BUT I did a a lot of blogging! So all wasn’t lost.

March saw me write more posts than any previous month, just one more than February. And I had so much more interaction on my blog from my readers than ever before. Let me break it down some.

Posts: 22

Likes: 186

Comments: 327

New Followers: 260

I’ve seen other bloggers recap previous months by detailing EVERY SINGLE POST from the previous month. I’m not going to do that this time around because I’m sure you’ve seen it too.

Top/Favorite Post

Novel Writing: How do you name your characters? (this is actually my third most popular post in terms of views ever)

Post you may have missed

What does it Mean to be a Writer?

Also, February nearly doubled my previous best month in terms of site views and guess what happened in March?! The February number nearly tripled! It was quite exciting to see more people coming to my little slice of cyberspace. It was fun having you here. I sure hope you’ll stick around.

Tell me about your March. Whether it be blogging or reading or writing or college or just life stuff. I’d very much like to hear about it because you helped make my month wonderful.