I’m Getting Worse

When I started this blog more than five years ago I had never posted anything like this online. Then it grew and grew and kept growing. Then I realized I was posting just to keep posting rather than because I wanted to.

So it all stopped.

But after so long of no activity on here (and really not even thinking about it) I’m ready to share my thoughts on so many things bookish again.

The title of this is about my reading. I set a goal in 2018 not to buy any new books. I failed. By one. I bought a book at the end of the year, but otherwise managed to stay away from Half Price. But unfortunately that didn’t correlate with a bump in reading the books I already have. I hit a new low in the number of books read of only 5 for the entire year. My excuse lately is that Fortnite takes up too much of my time, but that’s only an excuse. Here’s to being a better reader in the new year.

How was your 2018 in reading?