Your Ideal Reading Spot


Photo Credit: SFF Outpost

Another short post today, but one that I think you guys can all relate to. I think it’s safe to say that readers will read just about anywhere. On the bus. In the car. On a flight. Between classes at school. Outside under the sun. There really is no place off limits to enjoy a good book. With that being said, I’m near certain that y’all are like me and have that one reading spot where you do the majority of your reading. I know I do. It’s my bed. And I’d say that over 99% of my reading is done while having to lean a little to the right in order for the lamp light to reach the pages of whatever I’m reading. It’s one of the few hassles I don’t mind one bit, even though every once in awhile I’ll have to stretch my fingers because of the sometimes awkward positioning.

Have you seen those awesome reading hammocks and outdoor chairs? I want one.

But I’ll ask you, where is your ideal reading spot to get lost in a book? Please don’t say on the toilet. I’ll just laugh at you and probably not approve the comment.