Positive Review Swap? Whaa?

Hmm. I really tried to find the post I read about this topic. Like I seriously just sat here for ten minutes trying to find it on Google and Bing. But I guess the person who wrote it doesn’t use tags or something. I don’t know. I tried to give him credit.

Anyway, the post I read was not 100 percent surprising to me even though I’ve never actually heard of this happening. It was basically two self-published authors communicating with each other about reviewing each other’s books. But one guy thought it would just be your regular review and the other author thought they should swap positive reviews. Hm. Interesting.

Now, do I know indie authors review books for each other? Yes. Do I think they hesitate to be overly negative in their reviews? Yes. But I hadn’t heard of an author explicitly express that the reviews of both works be positive. Might as well just ask your boyfriend to write it and you tell him what to say. See, this is one of those instances in which indie authors get a bad rep and they actually deserve it. I know every author wants their books to have so many reviews, but going about it like this is just stupid. Imagine JK Rowling going to another author and asking for a positive review. It’s laughable is what it is. Sure I’m comparing two complete opposite ends of the spectrum here, but I’ve read that more well known authors hate being asked to write blurbs for other books. There was one author, who of course I can’t remember the name of right now, who would get hundreds of requests every month from other authors and publishers and who would not write a blurb for a single one. Because her philosophy was to treat every other author the same. No favorites.

Imagine how many requests the super authors of today get. Just to read the book and write a few short words. It’s probably ridiculous. And they’re tasked with picking and choosing who to help.

So we have major authors who are essentially indifferent to reading other books for the sake of writing reviews and/or blurbs, but then we have this indie author demanding that you exchange positive reviews. It’s a joke.

Have you ever participated in a positive review swap? Be honest.