No, I Don’t Want That Book

As is all too common on the internet different companies and sites use my browsing history to recommend something else they’re selling. For example, I clicked on some travel ad on Instagram and that same company popped up in a promoted tweet on Twitter. Just ugh.

But I also tweet quire a bit about the presidential race. And as a result I’ve now been seeing promoted tweets from Trump selling signed “limited editions” of The Art of the Deal. First, the book is priced astronomically high. More than $150. Second, I have no desire to read the book. Third, there is no scenario in which I’d support him or his campaign.

I just wish Twitter would get the message. Are there any ads on social media that keep popping up in your feeds no matter how many times you skip over them?

Is Donald Trump Actually Lord Voldemort?

Oh geez. I’m on the floor laughing. Let me tell you what’s going on. The race for the White House is quickly dwindling down to a more reasonable number. Which means the candidates still in the race are lobbying for fundraising. Well Marco Rubio’s team has put a different spin on it. They’ve said he’s the equivalent of Harry Potter in his fight against Voldemort (Donald Trump).

Guys, this is a real thing. In a fundraising email sent out to supporters Trump is said to have made several horcruxes just like Voldemort, and the horcruxes are the other candidates in the race not named Rubio.

The last few months of this cycle have been unexpected, but never did I think of Trump as the Dark Lord. Maybe Rubio is on to something. Maybe he is the Dark Lord and that’s how he’s built up a nice following. Or maybe I’m losing it? Ha!

Serious question now. Do you think Donald Trump is Lord Voldemort? I think I’m not sure. I mean, would Voldemort settle for that hair? šŸ˜‚

Campaigns and Politics and Books, oh my

Can you name a single presidential candidate still in the race who hasn’t recently published a book? Maybe one of the lesser known candidates who has no chance at winning their party’s nomination, but all of the bigger names have. It’s scary.

These candidates are constantly holding events and fundraisers, and participating in debates in order to get their message out. AND they’re publishing books around the same time. I’m not sitting here saying that we don’t need to hear about the people who could potentially hold the highest office in our country, but will we ever reach the point at which we proclaim enough is enough?

On top of all the press the candidates receive they also do things like host SNL or private fundraisers with their celebrity friends. Why not just give them a TV sitcom too?

I get it. It’s the presidential race and it only happens every four years. But I’m about sick of every candidate releasing a book that coincides with the race. It’s not like they help. The people who buy and read them are already in the corner of the party or candidate.

Have you read any books written by political candidates recently? You’ve got many to choose from. I actually don’t think I’ve ever read a book by a candidate.

Ted Cruz Blasts The New York Times for Bestseller List Omission

There’s a book missing fromĀ The New York Times most recent nonfiction bestseller list, according to Ted Cruz. His book. Which he claims should have placed high on the list. But the paper has stuck by its list and by its methodology for coming up with the bestsellers. Their methodology is largely a secret as they do not just look at overall sales numbers like other publications.

But Cruz has said the omission is because the paper is against him politically. I think he should probably do a little research before making a statement like that. I mean, does he think the paper is more in line with Bill O’Reilly? Anyway, I don’t see why this matters. I’m sure Ted Cruz has sold and will sell plenty of books. Ted Cruz is a presidential “candidate” and I think he should be worrying about more important things thanĀ The New York TimesĀ bestseller list.

I’m from Texas and I don’t see Ted Cruz as having any chance at the White House in 2016, but he definitely won’t be moving into the the Oval Office if things like this are near the top of his list of importance. But I’ve come to expect him to worry about all the wrong things during his time in public office, so this really doesn’t surprise me at all.

Do you care at all that Ted Cruz was left off the most prominent bestseller list in the country? I most certainly do not.

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