What Writers Should NOT Post on Their Blogs


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No I’m not talking about personal information that shouldn’t be posted anywhere on the internet. That’s just common sense. I’m talking specifically about writers. I’ll give you a second to think about it before I continue to see if you can go ahead and guess it.

Didn’t think of anything, okay. I’m talking about excerpts from their work.This rule does not apply to those who plan on self-publishing because CreateSpace or Lulu or whichever company you use does not care about this. BUT for those of us who are crazy enough to think we can actually secure an agent and publishing deal with a traditional publisher, I AM talking to you.

Now I’ve never started querying agents or anything like that yet, but it is my understanding that agents and publishers don’t care if it’s on your blog or self-published or what, published is published. If parts of your story can be read for free online or by reading your self-published book, then I can’t imagine either wanting to touch that story. Why? Because it’s been published already.

Just think about if J.K. Rowling or James Patterson or (insert well-known author here) were to release the first half of their books on their websites or blogs. What if their readers read the excerpt and decided against buying the rest. It’d be a bad deal for the author, right? Now think of an agent or publisher who is considering your manuscript for representation or publication. If parts of your story can be read, then parts of your story have likely been read, right? Which means some people would go ahead and buy the rest and others wouldn’t. Makes no sense for either of them to really consider the work if potential readers have already been lost.

Actually, Patterson usually does something like this, but I’ve only ever seen it on Amazon and it’s usually less than 20 pages. I think.

So tell me, have you gotten to the stage of querying agents and ever been asked about what has or hasn’t been posted on your blog or website?

Lastly, I wrote my first ever guest post yesterday! It’s over on Kathy’s blog and it pertains to author stigma. Give it a read!