So It Begins

I started reading my first book of the new year last night. I know what it takes to reach my goal. I just have to actually do it.

A few years ago in the midst of my busiest semester in college I came closest to hitting my annual target of 50 books. I read 44 even though I had several calendar months of no reading at all.

I know the simplest way to look at a 50 book goal is essentially to read a book a week for the duration of the year. That’s the easy way, but unrealistic for me. No matter how much I read, I know there are going to be blank periods. It’s just how I am. My focus is to read as much as I can during my active periods because a down one is around the corner.

What’s your reading goal for this year and is it the same every year?

A Reading Frenzy…Kind of

I’ve officially been out of a job for 10 days. And I’ve managed to read three books in that time. Which isn’t really that many until you realize that I’d read three books in MORE THAN SEVEN MONTHS of 2016. Obviously it’s been a slow year for me. But now I’m trying to take advantage of the time I have to catch up just a bit. I’m still in reach of my goal, and I have more than enough books to get there.

I’m off to read some more now!