Reading in College

girl-student read a textbook.

Photo Credit: Eduard Titov

Two things before I continue. First, I know there are some people who don’t go to college. Second, I know every college experience is different.

A very common post here on WordPress is how little time college kids have to read. Obviously I’m not talking textbooks or journal articles, I’m talking books written by their favorite authors. I’ve seen this exact post dozens of times. Let me tell you about my 2012 calendar year.

Spring semester – 18 credit hours (Jan.-May)

Spring mini-mester – 3 credit hours (May)

Summer – 15 credit hours (June-Aug.)

Fall semester – 18 credit hours (Aug.-Dec.)

Winter mini-mester – 3 credit hours (Dec.)

Okay. One would think that I wouldn’t have any time to read at all, right? Eh. Wrong. Even though most college students have right around three months off for summer and another 4-5 weeks during the holidays, I had neither. But I managed to read 44 books that year. My best ever.

I found the time to read 44 books during a calendar year in which I took 57 credit hours while working weekends. I think we can agree that most college students are not taking that many hours. The point of this post is to say that there really is no reason for someone to say they don’t have time to read in college. Cause it’s just not true. I’m talking undergrad here.