Reading Multiple Books at Once

ImagePhoto Credit: sodahead

This is something I honestly don’t understand and definitely makes me want to punch some people in the face. Because I’ve read way too many blog posts about someone reading three or four or even five books at the same time. No.

Not counting college textbooks, I’ve never once read more than one book at a time. How is one supposed to become immersed in a story if it’s just one of many fighting for your attention? You all may or may not remember that I read The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank for the first time earlier this year. Though non-fiction, it easily became the best book I’ve read. I can tell you for certain that had I been reading another book at the same time as that one that my opinion would not be the same. It would still be the same book and I’d think highly of it, but I doubt it’d be number one on my list. Because I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate it quite like I did.

To me, reading multiple books at once will never happen. All that can result is taking away from each story. I don’t want books I’ve bought to be spoiled because I decided to read something else at the same time. BUT I know for a fact that many, many people do this, and now I’m asking you why.