A Scramble to the Finish

I think just about everyone is ready to turn the page into 2021. Who knows what we have in store after this to tumultuous year?

Tonight I’ll finish my 40th book of the year. Simple math tells me I’ll have this month to read 10 books in order to reach my annual reading goal for the first time ever. Is it possible? Sure. Is it likely? No idea.

I entered October needing to read 24 books to reach the goal. Yes, I realize I was well behind with nearly half the books remaining. But eight in October and five in November have all led to this final, glorious month of December to finish. The problem won’t be the number of books I have left. The problem is really the books I have on my shelf to be read. As you can imagine, I’ve spent some time these last few months thinking about which books will get me to the finish line. But so many of the books I have are either lengthy, not interesting, or both. Now is not the time for a 550 page brick.

This may cause me to make another trip to my local Half Price Books. I actually went this past weekend, but didn’t want anything. Would it be cheating if I read the next 10 Wimpy Kid books? 😂

Consistently Impressed

Early this morning I finished my 37th book of the year. I expect to reach 40 by the end of this week. But this year’s reading has taught me one thing that’s undeniable. Robert Crais is the best crime novelist writing today.

It was the seventh time this year I’ve read one of his books. That’s an absurd amount for me to read by any single author in a given year. Going back to my college days when I was consistently in the 20-40 range several calendar years in a row, I’d never read that many by a single author. This year has been different. Mostly because I’ve actually gotten some good numbers done. So there’s more opportunity.

I’m really stingy with my ratings for books. For example, after I finished my 30th book of the year the average rating was 2.93 out of 5. That was a slight uptick from the first 25. The average rating for the seven Robert Crais novels I’ve read this year? 4.42 out of 5. I’ve rated more than half of them as 5 star reads. I talk and write a lot about Harry Bosch. Michael Connelly is right there with Crais, but in my eyes he’s just slightly behind. Harry will likely be coming to an end at some point as he’s aged in real-time. Nothing I’ve read indicates Elvis or Joe are going anywhere anytime soon. No complaints from me.

I could say more. Lots more. And I will. But it’s time for bed.

Final Book Haul of 2020

I swear I recorded the video and am writing this post fully believing the title to be true. About 20% of me thinks it’s a lie. 😂

At least it’s just books for me and not like, TVs or something. Anyway, feel free to watch. Or you can tell me what books you’ve recently added to your personal shelves.

Breaking the Rules

For several years I’ve had a rule to not read the same author/series within five books of each other. There isn’t really a reason for it. I just came up with it one day and have largely stayed true.

Not today. I’m running out of time in 2020 and I decided last night to stick with what I know and who I know. I know what to expect when reading Robert Crais. His books usually aren’t too lengthy and never leave me disappointed. So I’m reading three in a row in my dash to the finish line. I still may not reach my goal, but there’s no harm in trying.

Do you have any rules like mine?


I somehow thought in the last five days that I’d be able to finish three books. Not sure what I was thinking. Today is day 16 of the month and I finally finished my first book of November last night. This leaves me 15 books short of my goal. That’s with 45 days left this year. 😳

I was feeling really confident after two straight months of completing eight books each, but the writing is almost on the wall. I’ll keep going and we’ll see where things end up, but this has still been a nice year for me, no matter if I reach my goal or not. Only nine away from my best year ever, so that personal best is still within reach. We’ll see!

A Second Uh Oh

Last week I wrote about not reading recently. This is day 11 of the month and I haven’t finished a book yet. Welp. If you can recall, I need to read eight this month and next month to reach my goal. I’m nearing the point of no return and running out of time.

There’s really not a reason for it. I’ve been reading the last few days, but not enough to finish my current book. It also hasn’t helped that I’ve been falling asleep uncharacteristically early. I blame the time change. I’m setting a mini goal of trying to finish three books by Sunday. You think I can do it?

Oh, I Hate the end of Daylight Saving Time

In the US, like in most of Europe, twice a year we change the time on our clocks. In the Spring (northern hemisphere) we push them forward an hour in observance of Daylight Saving Time. In the fall we turn them back an hour.

This has been going on for decades and a couple US states have stopped switching back from Daylight Saving Time and I wish Texas would do the same. Since we turned the clocks back the early morning of November 1, I’ve hardly been reading because when I finish my shift it’s already been dark for two hours and I want sleep. Ugh. It also doesn’t help that the sun is nice and bright well before 7:00 AM.

Screwing with the natural sleep schedule is so dumb. I just want not to feel sleepy so early. 😐

Begging for my Attention

I wrote yesterday about not reading these last few days and instead following the presidential results as they come in from several states. As of this morning it looks like we’re on the verge of a winner.

This got me thinking. I haven’t been reading to watch the results trickle in. But I’ve also been playing Call of Duty Warzone, maybe you know it. I’ve been dividing my attention between these three things. Work is work, so it doesn’t really count.

Not only now in the midst of a pandemic, but even in a more normal time, what activities/hobbies do you find yourself juggling against one another?

Uh Oh

I’ve been writing about my dash to the end of the year and reaching my reading goal, and then election day happened. 😳

It’s been impossible not to stare at the results in the handful of states still counting and undecided. I check throughout the day and then keep checking after the end of my shift. So now we’re 5 days into the month and I’ve barely opened a book. Welp.