A New BookTube Channel!

Sorry guys, this isn’t MY new channel. Although I’ve considered starting a channel for a really long time. Probably all of 2014. But I don’t think I’d only talk about books. Anyway, let me first tell you what BookTube is, at least in my eyes. It’s rather simple. Posting videos on YouTube about books. See! Told ya. Think of all the things that book bloggers blog about. Reviews. Favorite authors. Favorite series. TBR lists. All that fun stuff. That’s what people upload videos about. I guess the best way to say it is that they’re book bloggers who upload videos instead writing of blog posts. That’s how I think of it.

So, remember this post from a week ago in which I revealed to you all who I think are the best bloggers out there? Well it just so happens that Aly from the list decided to upload her first YouTube video last week! I feel like I influenced the decision a little bit. So now here’s what you should do. Watch her first video. And then go ahead and hit subscribe because would you rather read boring posts written by book bloggers or have her upload more interesting videos? I vote for videos.

She talks about her favorite books and she’s a little bit random. Which makes it even more interesting! And you must watch all the way through because I guarantee that you’ll laugh if you do.

That’s all. Here’s the video.