And so it Begins

I said that I would read a handful of detective books before reading my own so that I would have perfectly written works fresh in my head when I attempt to judge my writing from the eyes of a reader. Well, I decided to read only two books instead of a greater number. I chose to read The Widening Gyre (Spenser #10) by Robert B. Parker and Indigo Slam (Elvis Cole #7) by Robert Crais because these two titles most fit into the genre that I wish to write. I have eight more detective stories on my unread shelf, but those are mostly police procedurals and my book doesn’t fall into that more specific category.

I plan on reading with a red pen and sticky notes to mark things that need changing or that I think can be better. I’m not going to stop and correct everything as I go, but rather I’ll mark the place and take a look once I’ve finished the entire book.

I already have a short list of things that I know I want to change for future drafts and I’m sure I’ll find more along the way.

Wish me luck!

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Let the Rewriting Begin

Well, kinda.

I am all set to begin the rewriting process the day after I finished the first draft of my first book. But it won’t be what you might think. The first aspect of my rewriting process will be to detract myself from my own work and read at least three books before I take a look at my writing. You might be wondering how come I don’t just jump right in and start dissecting every word, page, and chapter that I wrote. Well, the answer is actually quite simple. I’ve spent nearly three months working on the first draft and I want to be able to evaluate it against other works by more accomplished authors.

I’ll probably read 3-5 books that fall into the detective genre so that I have a real apples-to-apples comparison to make before reading my own book.

I feel that I’ll be able to discern the quality of my work almost immediately by doing this. After i read through my book like any other reader would I’ll start working on the second draft. That will be the one that I send out to my first round of beta readers. I’m thinking I’ll have three or four rounds, all different readers, and all picked for different reasons.

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