#LiterarySwag is Supposed to Make Reading Stylish?

Wait, what? So there’s a guy on Instagram who’s been taking photos of people with books or reading for some time now. He also started #LiterarySwag. Evidently he’s done these things to make reading more accessible to those who don’t like to read.

Except there’s a major flaw to his entire project. There’s nothing wrong with people who don’t like to read just like there’s nothing wrong with someone who reads 100 books a year. There’s some fashion aspect too, but it’s entirely irrelevant. What does it matter if someone is really into fashion and likes to read or if they are really into sweatpants and romance novels? It doesn’t.

Reading doesn’t have to be stylish or cool. It’s just like any other thing. Some people like it and some don’t. So let’s all post pictures on Instagram of ourselves with books with #LiterarySwag so we can show how stylish we are and say we’re part of some stupid movement.