Tracking My Reading

Goodreads makes it extremely easy to track one’s reading. But it’s mostly just titles and ratings. Sure you can do a little more, but I go above and beyond on my own. I have a spreadsheet for my reading. I track all kinds of things:

  • Author
  • Series
  • Reading time
  • Page count
  • How long it was on my TBR pile
  • Rating
  • Ranking for the year
  • Ranking all-time

I guess it seems like way more in the document, but that’s still a lot! I didn’t even realize it until I opened an old document and saw everything.

What do you track for your reading!?

Do you Know How Much you Read?

Okay guys, I’m posting this way later in the day than I’ve posted in a long time. Why? Because last night I fell asleep something like three hours earlier than normal. So I didn’t write anything for today just two days after I promised to write a post every day this month. I wanted my streak to last longer than two whole days, so now you’re getting a slightly delayed post.

So, do you know how much you read? It seems like an easy enough question, right? You’re probably thinking that you can look on your shelf and know which books you’ve read. Or perhaps you have a nice little spreadsheet with the information. That’s all fine and dandy, but I’m talking more than that.

Can you tell me how many hours you read in 2013? Or 2012? Or maybe the last five years? I started timing my reading at the beginning of 2012, which also happens to be my best reading year yet. I read 44 books that year, 38 of which I have information for. I can tell you that those 38 books took me 10 days, 5 hours, 54 minutes, and 51 seconds to read. So the other six books I didn’t track likely added another day and a half of reading. I can also tell you that I took the most amount of time to read Gears of War: Coalition’s End at a ridiculous 13:07:57. That is a LONG time to be reading one book. In my defense, it is still the longest book I’ve read at a cool 591 pages. I can also tell you that I took the least amount of time to read A Savage Place by Robert B. Parker, taking only 3:26:12 to read its 184 pages.

Isn’t it awesome? To have all this information at your finger tips about YOUR reading. It’s nice to see the books on your shelf or on your Kindle, knowing you’ve read them. But I think it’s pretty cool to be able to look at which books took you a long time to read and which ones you maybe weren’t interested in.

PS: I didn’t read a single page during the months of July, September, October, or November that year.

So tell me, do you REALLY know how much you read?

Here’s my spreadsheet for the year.