Inked (poem)



Awkward stares
Worse thoughts
All because
Of something I’m not

I’m reckless, a criminal
And maybe a fool
But you don’t see
I’m not even judging you

I work, I play
As do you
But I’m different
Cause I have tattoos

What I don’t know
And don’t quite see
Is why I’m judged
Cause I express myself differently

But need not worry
It’s okay
I’m quite content
Without your say

The stares will still come
And eyes will roll
I’m just inked
You’re judgmental

Okay guys, this is the first poem I wanted to share with you all. I’d love to know what you think. Please!

Photo Credit: 1Funny

A Literary Tattoo? I Think Yes!


I decided a few weeks ago that I want to get a literary tattoo. Hopefully before the year is over. Remember, I LOVE tattoos and already have three of them. But you’re probably thinking what the heck would I want to get from a book? Well, let’s talk about that.

You guys should already know that I have a quill writing in an open book on my left forearm. I’ve mentioned this in at least one previous post. I got this exactly one year ago today. It was my graduation present to myself because I was now ready to start writing. You can judge me all you want, but I love it. And then back in March I got my university’s logo on my left wrist. Some people love this one, and others are like huh? Again, I love it, so go think whatever you want to think elsewhere. I have a third one, but I’m not telling what it is. I was 18 and stupid. But at least it’s not visible.

So now let me tell you which items or objects I’m considering getting that come from literary works

The Mockingjay Pin

I think some people would probably call it a little girly or make some smart remark once I explained what it was, but let’s be clear, no one I tell about it is going to say anything too outrageous because I’m bodybuilder and everyone who sees me knows it. I’d just throw them. But really, these books are obviously my favorite series, and it’s not like I’m talking about getting Katniss’s face or something. The mockingjay pin is small and plenty of people probably wouldn’t even know what it is until I tell them. Can you believe I actually know people who haven’t even seen the movies?! I don’t know how that’s possible.

The Elder Wand

This wouldn’t make for the greatest tattoo ever because it’d look much like an ordinary stick, but how cool would that be to have the Elder Wand on me?! Don’t answer because people who hate tattoos are judgmental and I don’t like them. Anyway, the one other tattoo from HP would be the deathly hallows symbol. I don’t think I’d get both, but who knows. They would both be small and could fit anywhere on my body now.

I’d also consider quotes from either series. But probably not because I already have one quote I want to get at some point and I don’t want to be covered by a whole bunch of writing. Also, I once considered getting the title of my first book down one forearm and up the other, thank goodness I didn’t do that. Would have been huge.

So all you book peeps, if you’re not of the opinion that tattoos are some kind of evil, would you consider getting any literary tattoos?

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Saturday Selects: Tattoos becoming “mainstream?”

Photo Credit: Inked Magazine

For all of my newcomers here on my little piece of cyberspace, my Saturday Selects posts occur on the first Saturday of every month and it is the one post that does not discuss books or publishing or anything of the like. These posts allow me to discuss something else for a change. In case you missed it, my first was titled Saturday Selects: Farewell to an all-time great. I talk about what Derek Jeter has done for the game of baseball over the course of his 20 year career.

Today, you all get to read about tattoos.

Before you can even think of the question to ask, yes, I have some of my own. I currently have two. I have every intention of getting several more in 2014, probably five. So if that makes you sick to your stomach or you no longer want to read the blog of someone who has and likes tattoos, then please feel free to leave the post now. And even unfollow if you feel that it’s necessary. But I’ll tell you, this post isn’t about me.

But I would like to share two quick stories with you all before I continue. I got my first tattoo at the age of 18 in August of 2010. I was in my first semester of college at the time and I did my best to hide it from my parents for about a month. When I finally told my dad he thought I was joking and didn’t believe it until he saw with his own eyes. My mom left the room and cried, still don’t understand why that happened. I got my second in May of 2013, only three days after walking across the stage during my university’s graduation. This time, I told my dad where I was going and what I was doing and he didn’t have a second thought about it.

Legal policy?

Anyway, back to the point of the post. One of the things I hear most often from people when I tell them about the tattoos I want to get in the future is, “What about when you look for a job?” This is because at least three of the tattoos I intend to get this year will be on my forearms. It is almost always suggested that having tattoos that are visible somehow makes you less professional looking. And I know for a fact that the Houston Police Department has a policy in which it states that any tattoos or body art that cannot be covered up by the regular duty uniform will eliminate any candidate from consideration for employment. Huh? The department already has VERY low standards for its applicants and it still has this absurd policy in place? How is this not considered discrimination?¬† Age and physical requirements are one thing, but this?! This is just one example of many.

Tattoos becoming mainstream?

Another thing that we hear in the media and many people believe is that tattoos are becoming more “mainstream.” What the heck does that even mean? Seriously. I know that there are a number of TV shows all about tattoos popping up everywhere. Ink Master. Best Ink. Tattoo Nightmares. Tattoos After Dark. Bad Ink. Just to name a few. But has the stigma fully left us as a society? I don’t know if it has. I get compliments on my one visible tattoo just about every week, but I’ve probably had double the number of people give me that look of disgust upon seeing it. AND IT’S AN OPEN BOOK AND QUILL!

If I were ever asked in a condescending manner why I like and have tattoos this would be my response, “Do you like football?” They would most likely answer yes. I’d continue, “Every team in the NFL has players with tattoos. Every one.” They would tell me that that’s different. I’d continue once more. “How so?” That’s when the person asking the question would accept defeat and move on.

I think tattoos are becoming more accepted as time goes on, but let’s not lie to ourselves and say that they are universally accepted. They aren’t and I don’t understand why not.